Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Albums you should be listening to: Earth's Primitive and Deadly

If you are a fan of doom or any kind of world-creating heavy music and you don't have this album, you are seriously fucking up. Earth, which is what Black Sabbath were known as before picking the best band name ever, started out as a lo-fi instrumental drone band. Repetitive, instrumental, drummerless, glorious drone. I picked up a couple of their earlier records, basically just heavily distorted, droning riffs. They were on SubPop records in the 90's, which is best known as the go to grunge label. They went on hiatus and returned with a drummer and slightly different sound. Primitive and Deadly was released in 2014 and blew many away, appearing on many 'best of the year' lists. The music is heavy, psuedo-drone, melodic and shimmering. I constantly catch myself humming the melodies and singing the few lyrics that appear on the album while at work. The music seems like some sort of ominous, audio meditiation. I began playing Final Fantasy 9 after putting it off for ever. I noticed there is really no audio in the game, aside from some sound effects and a PSone style soundtrack. I listen to this album while I play and it has become the soundtrack to this world. Just sitting and listening to the album takes you one a journey. The dark melodies and haunting vocals provide an atmosphere that is both crushing and beautiful. I appreciate the album art and feel that, in genres like this, it's more important to the feel of the album. You could just listen to the album and sit and examine the cover. It's a picture that perfectly represents what the music creates. It hypnotizes, it calms and it's huge. Sit back and absorb. Listen to on the best sound system you have available.

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