Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unleash Thunderbox

    In this, my first post I would like to explain why I started this blog. I started this mainly to explain why I like or dislike things, granted it will mostly be music.  Saying that I would fist like to point out that I am a musician, and have been for the past fifteen years and believe I have enough knowledge to make by points valid.A lot of people I know who don't share my opinions in music basically think that I hate everything, or dislike anything because on the radio or popular. This is not true, just a mere coincidence. The music I like, as I explain to these people, is either music most people don't like or music they have never heard of. So, I'll update when I think people should know about something or to rant about why I'm upset that a lot more people like or don't like something. 
    I really wish technology was where it is now when I was13, it would have been a lot easier to find new music. With the limitless internet and all of the people making music all over the world it bothers me when somebody tries to sell why Slipknot is so awesome, or how good the drummer to the Deftones is. I just can't feign interest in mediocrity. I have a few theories when to comes to music; The first one being that music fans settle for what they think sounds good based on what is told to them or people base their tastes on laziness. Again going back to how easy technology makes finding anything. Ignoring this tool to find something that better suits your taste is just dumb. Listening to the radio is possibly the worst thing for any music fan, just like watching Mtv. The music on the radio, every station, is just recycled. Since music has been profitable it has been the same thing, if only adjusted to match the trends.
    Country music has stayed the same, save for being watered down to be more accessible. Any kind of pop or R&B is just disco and rap is a music negative. No instruments, no music. An all popular rock, Nickleback, Linkin Park and alike, is just new disco played by instruments. This is where a lot of people give me the 'you only don't like things because it's popular', sound just but only a coincidence. I bring anyone's attention arguing this to any fad that has ever existed, namely the Pet Rock. Somebody took rocks and put them in to boxes and people bought the shit out of them. Rocks people. Does that mean everyone who bought a Pet Rock is stupid? Yes, yes it does.
    My second theory is that musical taste deteriorates with age. This can, I guess, also be attributed to laziness. A lot of people I know who where fans of respectable music in their formidable years, seem to just accept whatever is thrown at them in their later 'boring' years. I make it a personal mission not to get bored with any kind of music I like. This is why i subconsciously go through phases, be it rock, doom, punk, death, or power metal I do my best to re-examine why I like these types of music.  Allow my musical taste to mature as it were.This blog will allow me to present my argument with some dummy pissing me off by just say the opposite of what I'm and thinking they won the argument. Sorry about the length of the post, but reading this is better than me shouting all of it at you.